Apprenticeships for Employers

Recruiting apprentices today provides the skilled employees businesses need for the future. We can help you to recruit already qualified and experienced staff as well as train the best people for you through fully funded apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Options

Employers value real working skills when they are selecting new employees and promoting existing ones. So Apprentices who have worked for and achieved qualifications, as well as those who have gained work experience, will be in a good position to further their career.  Depending on their starting point, successful applicants will work towards an Apprenticeship Standard at Level 2, 3 or 5.  They can then build on these awards through further training or education.

Skillnet will initially provide Apprentices with advice and guidance on how to start an Apprenticeship, but as they progress will support them in further learning so they can develop their career to become a Senior Technician or a Senior Manager.

Skillnet also delivers a range of non-technical qualifications. So whatever their interest, Skillnet offers training courses which will help your learners.

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Apprenticeship Benefits

There is a shortage of skilled technicians in the automotive industry. As cars, bikes and trucks become more advanced, the need for skilled repairers becomes ever greater.

Once Apprentices qualify as a technician they have the option to develop your skills in a number of different areas. They could become a specialist technical expert, finding and fixing complex faults, or perhaps get involved in training and mentoring other technicians.

Alternatively, they can use the skills you gain as an Apprentice to develop a career in parts, general management and a range of other disciplines. With a technical or non-technical qualification, as a qualified Apprentice, the world really is their oyster.

Whether they’re interested in automotive, logistics or any of the other industries we work with, we offer a wide range of qualifications suitable for young people and adult learners alike

Our Clients

Recruiting an Apprentice

We will take great care to make sure we understand your precise requirements before matching you with any potential Apprentices.

We take all our applicants through a rigorous selection process to test their commitment, aptitude and academic ability before we match them with employers. This includes a series of online tests, face to face interviews and presentations. For every one applicant that you see, we have tested and interviewed many more. Of course, as these applicants will become your employees, you get the final say on which one(s) you employ.


In England, eligible employers can meet the costs of their Apprentices’ training through their Apprenticeship Levy pot. For micro businesses, the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) contributes 100% of the costs of training any Apprentice aged between 16 and 18 on the day they start their Apprenticeship. For older learners, contributions may be required from employers to cover some of the costs of training.

Different funding rules exist in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our English, Scottish and Welsh Apprenticeship programmes are part-funded by the European Social Fund to increase labour market participation, promote social inclusion and develop the skills of the potential and existing workforce. The ESF is designed to increase sustainable economic and social inclusion in the European Union, by helping people who have difficulties finding work, and improving the skills of the workforce.

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Resources for Employers

Recruiting an Apprentice is an excellent investment for businesses. To help maximise the return on that investment, Skillnet operates a robust attraction and selection process to help you recruit the very best Apprentices.

Thanks to our advertising and marketing campaigns, and our links with schools and careers services across the country, we generate around 20,000 applications for Apprenticeships in the automotive industry every year!

We take these applicants through a series of assessments, practical tests and interviews to help determine if they are right for the industry and your business. We will introduce you to high quality candidates. You then make the final decision about which Apprentice to recruit.

You can also support Skillnet in attracting applicants for your vacancies by:

  • Arranging “open days” for Careers staff and schools to visit your dealerships
  • Offering “traineeships” to give young people work experience opportunities
  • Giving potential Apprentices the chance to visit your premises with their parents to find out more about the opportunities you offer
  • Visiting local schools to talk to groups of pupils about careers in the automotive Industry
  • Putting your Apprenticeship vacancies on your own website and linking these to the site