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Automotive Apprenticeships
automotive apprenticeship
automotive apprenticeship

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At Skillnet we support companies in both recruiting school and college leavers for automotive apprenticeships and training their workforce. We support individuals in meeting their career aspirations.

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Here is what our Clients say

I would like to highlight what a fantastic job Kelly Bell has done for us at DAF Stockton yet again.  She has now found us apprentices for all 3 positions we had available, in both service and parts.  I feel that she goes above and beyond to ensure the candidates she puts forward to us are suitable for the role and also that the role is suitable for the candidate.  She also seems to go into more detail when speaking to potential candidates, so that by the time we hear about them, she knows  enough to help me choose the right people.  I am simply sending you this in hope that she gets the recognition she definitely deserves.
I love seeing our apprentices become mentors.  The ex-apprentices have so much empathy with the new apprentices, and when they pick up the phone and say “what can I do next?” it’s so nice because they’ve clearly had a good time

Apprenticeship’s gives people an opportunity to join an industry and to learn everything that they need to know at a grounding level.  From there they can go anywhere and do anything but it’s a structured root in.

Some of the degree apprenticeships that we participate in have brought some amazing people into the organisation.