How Automotive Apprenticeships will enhance your dealership business

automotive apprenticeship

There are huge changes on the horizon with the Government’s pledge to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by the year 2030. This will dramatically change your dealership’s needs when it comes to service, maintenance and repairs. Apprenticeships could be  essential to the future of your business, providing your team with the knowledge and skills to take you into the brand-new era of electric vehicles.

Apprenticeships are, basically, training courses for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old your team members are or how far up the career ladder, there is an apprenticeship they can undertake to upskill and take the next step.


Apprenticeships are part-funded via the Apprenticeship Levy, up to £4,000 depending on the apprentices’ age. These funds are at your discretion, and can be applied toward training, salary or even capital investment. Your costs are mitigated, while your rewards can be huge.

Upskill your team with Electric Vehicle Apprenticeships

In preparation for the EV revolution, your technical staff need to be fully trained, so use EV Apprenticeships and courses to get everyone up to speed as soon as possible. You’ll not only be future-proofing your dealership against the changes in vehicle use, you could also get ahead of the competition. Once your specialists have qualified, you can start shouting about it to your customers, reassuring them that they will be able to stay with the dealership they know and trust whatever vehicle they decide to buy.

Employee retention through career progression

Your best employees are worth hanging on to. Yet for 9 years in a row ‘Lack of career development’ has been given as the number one reason why people leave a job.

Nurture and retain your employees by encouraging their career plans. There are multiple apprenticeship options to help them specialise, and supervisory and leadership apprenticeships to help them climb their career ladder. You owe it to the future success of your own business to ensure your staff have your support when it comes to learning and upskilling.

Young apprentices are the future of your company

Apprentices can be taught skill sets that are specific to your business. And, you’ll be demonstrating how much you value training: especially if your young apprentices see your experienced staff doing additional apprenticeships and training of their own.

Over the long term, this will benefit your dealership as it will result in staff who are more motivated, more productive, more skilled and who stay in your business.

Investing in young people today, secures the future of your company for tomorrow.

If you would like to upskill your staff or take on young learners, contact us to find out how we can help.